Best sangoma directory is your comprehensive resource for mediums, psychics, traditional healers ,sangomas and ancient spell casters in your neighborhood and around the country.  This directory was founded by leading international  intuitives, Chris Banda and Wiccan Sarah.  It was their hope to bring together the best tradtional healers and psychic practitioners in one easy to find (and easy to search) web location (and also provide inspiring and informative articles and events).

With over a half century of collective experience teaching around the world,Chris Banda and Wiccan Sarah have come to know (and work with) sangomas, psychics, and new age professionals of every stripe.
As identical twins, Chris Banda and Wiccan Sarah have always had a psychic rapport with each other.  But that was only the beginning of discovering their intuitive senses from all over Africa, Chris Banda and Wiccan Sarah share their powers.  In their travels they have been blessed to meet many marvelous Spiritual healers and practitioners.  These wonderful people have inspired Chris Banda and Wiccan Sarah to create this site for those who seek a greater knowing of their power, and a deeper understanding of the  world works today with powers of the universe.

As a visitor to this site, you bring a great service, too.  It is through your reviews of your most favorable readings that you can help other visitors to this site find their best readings, too.  Still, your great contribution does not stop there.

It is now a new age when each one of us plays his or her own role in bringing peace, power, and illumination to the world.  It is our mission through this site, to provide a forum for all who seek to walk this path together.  May all who list on this site promote only integrity and compassion in the sharing of spiritual information and may all who visit this site know the part they play in bringing this compassion to the world.